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Teen Magazine Online is a web site focused on tackling the current day issues faced by many teens.

Teenagers need to be heard. They are the voice of the future. Many great ideas and great innovations start with a simple thought by a teenager.

Our Teen Magazine online is the place to discuss issues facing many teenagers. Every opinion counts.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have problems at school or you can’t talk to your parent.

Every Problem has a solution.

In this web site we will focus on many issues, include events and try to give free advice.

Our web site is the new norm in social media. You can create groups, start discussions, add friends and post all you want.

This is the place for teens and adults alike to communicate freely. #teenmagazineonline

Ks Car Club

The KS Car Club

This is a unique website that will bring together all car and Motorcycle lovers together in the hope of making a difference. This car club was named after Kareem Salman; He loved cars and speed since he was a little boy but what made him different is that he did it with passion. Passion for speed, innovation and most importantly passion and love for others. Kareem Salman He always found a way to make things better. He preached safety to all those he knew and did not know. He wanted to make a difference in the motorsport world and in people’s lives. We will make sure that his message and memory stays alive in the minds and hearts of al those that met him and the ones that did not. While browsing this site, you will find information about most of the car companies with links to their websites, you will also be able to ask questions and voice your opinions on how to make cars more safe and economical. #kscarclub


Help the Homeless

Help The Homeless.

Give to the homeless
With our busy life styles, running around trying to make ends meet or trying to make more money to get that car we like or that piece of jewelry we have been wanting, we forget about those who are less fortunate.
Believe it or not, there are people out there that cannot afford a meal to keep them going for 1 day. There are people that can not afford to buy clothes for the winter and yes there are people who do not have a roof over their head.
The sad part is most of us look at homeless people as if it were their fault. Sometimes it is, sometimes it is not.
Just remember, any one of us could be in their shoes. You never know when your world turns upside down due to no fault of yours. You could be hit with an illness, you could lose your job or even lose a loved one.
The message here is to #give. have #compassion.
Always remember to give, then you can receive.

It is the right thing to do. #kareemsalmanfoundation.

Daniel Noltemeyer

Daniel Noltemeyer

We were beyond excited last week to share the news that our founding Board Member, Daniel Noltemeyer, is a finalist for the Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award from the NASCAR Foundation! Over the course of next two months, individuals can vote once a day for their favorite finalist online at www.nascar.com/award . The finalist with the most votes by December 4 at 11:59pm ET will win! If Daniel garners the most votes, he will receive a 2015 Toyota Camry and Best Buddies Kentucky will receive a $100,000 grant!!!

Help us find a cure for Brain Cancer

Our mission is to find a cure for Brain Cancer by advancing scientific research, increasing awareness within the medical community

Thank you so much for making a donation! Your generosity will help brain cancer patients and caregivers.

Voices against Brain Cancer

We rise by lifting others

We rise by lifting others

The best gift we can give to others is help. Help others deal with pain. It is not about money. It about showing you care.

Join the kareem Salman foundation ease the pain of others. With love and compassion.

The end of suffering

The end of Suffering

After the Buddha realized the Truth about suffering and its causes, he spent six years committed to discovering a realization about the end of suffering — that, and his achievement of Nirvana, were his ultimate achievements. In those six years, the Buddha tried all the methods available to end suffering without success. Eventually He found his own solution to the problems of life and they are now the core of Buddhist thought, teachings and practice.

This is what he discovered: there is an end to suffering; it can happen to anybody, anywhere, here and now; and the key to ending all suffering is to remove all desire, ill will and ignorance.
After suffering, the Buddha taught, there is supreme happiness. Every step of the way to removing the causes of unhappiness brings more joy. On the path to the end of suffering, which is a path that Buddhists may spend their whole lifetimes practicing, there are levels of happiness and freedom from craving and ignorance that can be achieved. In the beginning the happiness might be through better material conditions: like more contentment, or better spiritual conditions; more peace and enjoyment of life. These are the reasons Buddhists can live happily without greed — even among people in cities overcome with craving and desire. They can live happily without anger even among people harbouring ill will. These kinds of happiness make life more rewarding and bring a sense of freedom and joy.

The Buddhist teachings say that the more people free themselves from desire, ill will and ignorance, the greater their happiness is — no matter what is going on around them. When they have completely removed desire, ill will and ignorance the Buddha says they will experience the same supreme happiness he discovered.

Fact Of Life

Fact of Life