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The Lupus Research Institute (LRI) is pioneering discoveries to prevent, treat, and cure lupus by identifying and championing bold and novel research in this difficult disease. We don’t receive federal funds to do this; we raise funds from people like you. And we need your help! As a nonprofit organization [a 501(c)(3)], all contributions to the LRI are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. The tax ID for the Lupus Research Institute is # 06-1565950. Your contributions are used wisely; we send nearly 92 cents of every dollar contributed straight to the scientists in their laboratories searching for answers to lupus. Will you consider helping us in one or more of the following ways? Donate, get involved, please come be a part of our race to pioneer discovery in lupus! – See more at:

Although no two cases of lupus are alike, there are symptoms—things that a person with lupus feels or experiences as opposed to a doctor testing for—that many with the disease notice. Common complaints include the following: Swollen, stiff, and painful joints Fever over 100 degrees F Fatigue Rashes on the skin and/or sensitivity to the sun Swelling around the ankles Chest pain with deep breaths Unusual hair loss Pale or purple fingers from cold or stress Mouth ulcers, often painless In some cases of lupus, several of these symptoms develop at once in what is called a “flare.” – See more at:

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