About Us

This website is dedicated to the Memory of my Son Kareem Salman

Kareem Salman FoundationAlmost 2 years after I have started the Kareem Salman Foundation, I have decided to follow through and launch his foundation to keep his message alive.
He has left a legacy that can not be forgotten. With the help of his family and friends, we will keep follow in his foot steps.
As a parent I have suffered and I am still suffering. Many others suffer in different ways.
That is why I made it my goal and purpose in life to help all those that suffer.
We hold events, we volunteer just to try to ease the pain if we can.
When tragedy strikes, it is a long way to recovery but by coming together we make it easier.
We also focus on promoting awareness about many diseases that take so many lives every year.
With our busy schedules, we tend to forget.

Rest in Peace Kareem.
We will never forget you