Two and a half years

This Sunday will mark 2 and a half years since Kareem passed away. It still feels unreal. I go to his grave and I can’t still comprehend what his absence means, I go to the crash site and all I can remember is closing his eyes with my own hand.
The truth of the matter is everybody eventually forgets. His friends have moved on with their lives, most of him probably don’t remember how good he was. I am not sure even if he had an impact. People go back to their bad habits.

Rest assured, I have not forgotten him. Ask my tears and my broken heart. I made my mission to keep his name alive with or without help from anyone. He has earned it and deserves it. In his name, I will give what I can and in his name I will help.
He will live forever. His name will be remembered.

He is a real Hero not an imaginary one. He was and is a genuine person and he will live on.

Rest in Peace Kareem

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